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Proyectos IFG is an engineering company specialized in comprehensive projects for data processing centers (DC), critical infrastructures with a high level of availability such as control centers and technical installations for offices, singular buildings, and industrial buildings. It has a multidisciplinary team made up of expert engineers from different branches, architects, and graphic designers (3D BIM) capable of developing any type of project and integrating into joint projects involving installers or builders.

Our mission is to offer the market high value-added and excellent quality engineering services, providing innovative and efficient technical solutions that allow us to fully satisfy our clients and establish a long-term relationship with them.

We are committed to the design and construction of efficient, safe, and sustainable DCs, guaranteeing our clients the adaptation of the project to their requirements and needs, controlling costs, meeting deadlines and security.


Professional code

The management is mainly oriented to achieve a close relationship with our clients, based on collaboration, trust and excellence, developing and applying a “spirit of service" with the aim of achieving full understanding and satisfaction of their expectations.

The philosophy of improvement in each project is accompanied by the commitment not only to offer the best service, but also to offer the best value for money, together with the flexibility, agility, and efficiency necessary to be a benchmark company in the Spanish market.

Ethical code

• Independence, honesty, and integrity.

• Maximum professional rigor and responsibility in the performance of professional activity.

• Loyalty and commitment to the interests of our clients.

• Commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Spirit of overcoming

• Adequate identification of clients' needs and objectives and commitment to them.

• Rigor and technical competence in project management.

• Diligence, speed of response and punctuality in the fulfillment of commitments.